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Pure-Light Super Oxygen Technology Light Bulbs

Though the photocatalytic properties of Titanium Dioxide has been known for many years, it wasn't until NASA helped develop it for use on the International Space Station as an air purification system that it became somewhat viable, though expensive. Pure-Light Technologies has taken the NASA technology and improved upon it in several ways, and in the process reduced it's cost to consumers.


Though the properties of TiO2 are well documented, there have been problems in the past with applications:

* The first problem is that the photocatalytic process of TiO2 works well with sunlight or high power UV lights but not with ordinary light. PURE-LIGHT overcomes this by using a newly developed proprietary enhanced TiO2 formulation (Z-TiO2) that works extremely well with ordinary light. PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES has the exclusive rights to use this new formulation on light bulbs.

* The second problem is getting the TiO2 to "stick" to a surface longer than a few weeks or months. That is why other companies have tried to do it, but it has not worked very well for them. PURE-LIGHT has developed a new patent pending process that can "seal" the TiO2 to the surface of a light for up to 10 years. Since PURE-LIGHT developed it, no one else has it.