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Warning Signs and Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Checklist

Do you know how to recognize the early warning signs of Alzheimer's? If not, and you or your loved one are over the age of 40, knowing the signs can help you prevent and manage the disease before it gets worse.

Here is a checklist of some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer's, before the disease starts to affect the memory. Take note of these and get to know the reasons surrounding each sign.

Alzheimer's Warning Signs


* Cavitation's:

* Jawbone infections, especially from wisdom tooth removal

* Often no X-ray changes

* Requires MSA evaluation

* Periodontal Disease

* Mercury Amalgam Fillings:

* Blood-brain barrier (BBB) does not prevent mercury migration into the brain.

* Two forms:

* Vapor

* Ionic:

* When swallowed, disrupts microbiome in gut.

* Fillings that contain unstable compounds such as mercury, silver, copper, and tin mix together and act as a battery, giving rise to a current.

* Neurons attract mercury

* Root Canals:

* The internal surface of tooth can never be sterilized. The microtubules have poor vascular flow, so the infection stays in these tubules, giving rise to endotoxins, despite a new tooth replaced in the cavity.

* Root canals are also associated with increased incidence of cancer and autoimmune disease.

* Phytates decrease phosphorus absorption-key to maintaining tooth health.

Diagnosing Early Alzheimer's Checklist


If you or your loved one have experienced any of the above conditions, it would be wise to get a proper diagnosis with any of the following methods and tested for indicators of Alzheimer's:

* Test for Inflammatory Markers/CRP

* Eliminate Issues with:

* Toxins

* Heavy Metal

* Gastrointestinal Disorders from:

* Leaky Gut

* Medications

* Infections

* Food Sensitivities

* Diet

* Abnormal Endocrines and Sugar Issues

* Dental Issues

* Ophthalmic Evaluation:

* Drusens from AMD

* Glaucoma

* Cataracts

* Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

* Has much higher resolution than MRI

* Immune Profile

* Alzheimer's often has an immune-compromised system

* HLA-DQ2:

* 35% of the population have this gene

* Gluten Sensitivity

* Investigate Excessive EMF

* Abnormal Peptides:

* sAPP, amyloid beta, Jcasp, and C31 are precursor proteins to Alzheimer's.

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