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Who is E J Morris - and How Can E J Morris Help You !

Hi .. it's  EJ Morris, from Erie PA .. USA 

I am a Master Photographer, a Stem Cell and Wellness advocate

and an International Marketer.

I have been the owner of the EJ Morris Studio/Gallery  for over 40 years, where I have created

“LifeStyle” photographic portraits and "Fashion Fantasy" images for clients

of all ages and needs.

Since 1995, EJ Morris Marketing has also been involved in marketing propriety

Health and Wellness Services and Products.

So.. my mission is to help people LOOK ..  and FEEL .. 

their very Best, both “On the Inside and Outside” !


I am over 70, but feel like 45 !

I like to connect with people who add values... confirm values to each other …

and then,  SHARE those values with each other.

Knowledge shared is not lost,  it grows.

Others will add new and unexpected dimensions to their

knowledge, before they return it.

 My Passion is to Make a Difference, to maintain a Winning Mindset

… and to surround myself with "DO"ers .. not just DREAMERS!


Let’s not  aim to Survive in this World  ..

let’s create a mindset to THRIVE  , Together.


I believe that it is not how a person treats the strong and the self reliant

that measures their humility …

… but how a person “reaches out” and “Lifts Up” those people

who might be suffering,  and people unable to easily reach out to them. 

Then, true character is openly revealed.


I welcome You to join me and our International Winning Mindset Team,

on this Challenging and Rewarding  journey!